Anime Reviews


Review: Gingitsune

When a young Makoto’s mother passed away, she inherited The Sight from her, an ability to see and speak to heralds, animal spirits that…


Review: Attack on Titan

To defend themselves from getting devoured by gigantic human-like creatures known as Titans, humanity barricaded itself behind three layers of high walls and were safe for 100 years. One day, however, the city walls are destroyed…


Review: Love Lab

One day at Fujisaki Girls Academy, tomboy Kurahashi Riko stumbles upon Student Council President Maki Natsuo practicing kissing a body pillow. Not only does Riko keep Maki’s secret, she agrees to help Maki in learning all aspects of romance.


Review: Servant x Service

Three fresh, new civil service workers enter an office ward, where they cope with the stress of work due to the chaotic atmosphere, their co-workers, and their customers at the welfare department.


Review: Henneko

Pervert Youto Yokodera wishes to be able to express his pervertedness overtly and hears about a cat statue that grants wishes. On his way to see the statue, he encounters Tsukiko, a girl who wishes to be able to hide her real expressions. The two are entangled in a web of strange romcom thanks to the powers of the cat statue.


Review: Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san

While fishing at his favorite shore, Takkun is approached by a crazed, hyperactive mermaid called Muromi-san. From this point on, Takkun is subsequently harassed by Muromi-san, her mermaid friends, and other creatures of the sea. No one is safe from this slapstick comedy.