E3 2014 Live Stream

Watch live video from 2Shea on Watch side-by-side with the Twitch Live Broadcast:   Join Shea and Tommy live for the E3 press…


New Persona Games Announced

On Friday in Japan, Atlus livestreamed a special event called Teaser! Persona Channel  that served as a 72-hour countdown to Sunday’s announcements. A teaser…


Pokémon Retrospective Part 5

The Nintendo DS had brought five Pokémon games into its library, but it wasn’t the end just yet. The fifth generation made its way onto the platform to shake things up once again. Fans were now seeing in Black and White.


Pokémon Retrospective Part 3

From colors to metals to gemstones, Pokémon advanced to the next generation of stories, people, legends, and more. It was years after Gold and Silver that the next set of Pokémon games finally arrived: Ruby and Sapphire.


Pokemon X Giveaway!

The world-wide release of Pokémon X and Y nears, and to celebrate it  AllFiction will be giving away a physical copy of Pokémon X…


Pokémon Retrospective Part 2

If there was any generation of games to call my favorite, it would be the second. Set three years after Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold and Silver hit a new stride, expanding the world of Pokémon even more…