It’s Dogold’s turn to bring humanity to extinction with a monster that would anger the Kyoryuger. Things seemed to be working, but one King of idiocy is enough to tear the trickery apart. I wonder how he feels about April Fool’s Day.

The team is still adjusting to each other so it’s a good thing this happened earlier. They’re still learning about each other and we’ll continue to learn more as time goes on. As short as it lasted, it was fun seeing everyone angered. Also, gratuitous ass shot of Kyoryu Pink’s suit actress. Oh, that Sakamoto and his directing. So when the Zorima was disguised as Ian, I guess Daigo’s pendant was also part of the copy process. Probably should’ve expected it, but it did feel a little believable. Does anything anger Daigo? He’s this chipper guy who’s friendly with everyone, but it feels like a huge contrast to someone who is brave and the strong enough to tame a dinosaur. You’d think he’d be someone fierce and rough. Kind of a shame that Dogold’s plan didn’t succeed, which is funny at the same time because it makes him more irritable than her already is, if that was possible. It was cool to see the giant Zorima monster also change into Dogold to fight Kyoryuzin. Sadly, the bad guys got hammered all too easily.

This episode was a little on the fun side once again, but it was enjoyable with some neat fight sequences. Aside from the humor, we did get to see the more plot-driven scene of Torin and Chaos, who now has the sixth Zyudenyu, Pteragodon, on his side. And now Dogold is in charge of using it. Next week is gonna be a Dossan focus, which means more Ayumi Kinoshita! And puns! Lots of and lots of puns!