Seven Seas licenses ‘Dictatorial Grimoire/Dokusai Grimoire’ manga

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Dictatorial Grimoire 1 JP coverRevealed via an Amazon solicitation on Sunday morning, Seven Seas has licensed Kanou Ayumi’s Dokusai Grimoire (Dictatorial Grimoire – official US title) supernatural-adventure manga; All-Fiction has asked Seven Seas for confirmation, but has not received a response back as of this time.

The story follows Grimm Otogi, who is a descendant of the legendary Grimm Brothers (who were famous for their collection of classic stories).  He soon discovers a strange book in the family’s mansion, and unfortunate for him, the very stories from those pages manifest as demonic entities. Otogi must now hunt down and face each of these “stories” in order to overcome the curse of his ancestors.

The manga ran in Media Factory’s josei-orientated magazine, Comic Gene from 2011 until 2012; the series was collected into three volumes (the third and final volume was released in September of last year). Kanou Ayumi is also known for the Tales of Abyss: Jade’s Secret Memories manga which was previously licensed by Bandai Entertainment, but ultimately never released as the company exited the market in 2012.

The first volume of Dictatorial Grimoire is scheduled for release by Seven Seas on September 18, 2013. The manga was also released in France, from Doki-Doki, last year.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Phenomenal News. I loved the two chapters I read and always wanted so much more. Cant wait to get it. I wonder if they are doing omnibus release or three actual volumes?

  • RitzD

    According to the Amazon listing, they’re going to release the title in three oversized deluxe editions with color inserts. Never heard of this title but the premise seems fairly interesting. May pick this up if reviews seem favorable.

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