Tommy continues to ponder why he still reads Kimi no Iru Machi.

Kimi no Iru Machi – Ch. 213-214

Tommy: I don’t know why I’m still reading this, seriously. This manga just really knows how to piss me off. Back to back chapters of Haruto messing around with Nagoshi, who still believes they’re together, and then Rin, who clearly still loves him but doesn’t want to betray her sister. Man, what the hell. Things would be so much better if Rin were the main heroine but that would actually be progressive. Or maybe Seo still has a secret NTR ending where Rin kidnaps Haruto and they run off somewhere together leaving everyone else in Japan behind (except Miyu). If only.

Gamaran – Ch. 174

Tommy: The last few chapters of Gamaran have quickly shifted into, for the lack of a better term, “shit is getting real” mode. I had to do a little bit of catching up and I loved every chapter leading up to this current one. At one point I had thought this was just going to be a Muhou vs. Ogame battle but then the twist of the Shogunate interfering was introduced. Now it looks like they (the Shogunate) are making their move using their Bakufu forces to attack both the Muhou and Ogame schools. This makes things a lot more interesting now given that Gama is on his way to Naoyoshi and will have to deal with any Bakufu forces that stand in his way and settle his score with Ranmaru. The traitor among Jinsuke’s advisors still has yet to be revealed. There is also the revelation of Jinsuke having some sort of sickness that’s causing him to cough up blood which might explain why he is doing all of this to achieve his “dream”. Iori, the strongest man in the Ogame school, now has his eyes set on the castle and will get to Jinsuke no matter what. Meanwhile Zenmaru is also going to seek out his brother so that they can settle their score. So many things are happening at once but still in a very organized manner. Now is a great time to be reading Gamaran!

Baby Steps – Ch. 156

Tommy: I did the right thing “marathon-ing” this manga up to know. Baby Steps is easily one of the best sports manga I have ever read and has some of the most intense panels and chapters regardless of the genre. That brings me to this chapter that lies in the aftermath of Ei-chan defeating Ide (one of the more annoying yet skilled players he has gone up against). That was an amazing match that basically showed the accumulation of everything that Eii-chan has learned up to now. I almost thought that he was going to hold hands with Nacchan during their short time together but I should have known better. Anyway, wasting no time to start the Top 16 the newest character to be introduced is a guy that has beaten Ei-chan’s rival, Nabae, even though it was only in a practice match. He will likely be the next opponent for him and will probably be another obstacle that he has to overcome before being seeded (finally) and moving on to All-Japan. I’m quite excited to see what the finals of the current tournament will look like though!

Yamada and the Seven Witches – Ch. 44

Sean: And all of a sudden, shit getting real. 44 chapters in and it’s nice to get of a slightly more serious change of pace. The Supernatural Studies clubroom getting messed up isn’t really that big a deal, but I’m hoping it’s a sign for things to keep escalating especially with Noa’s objective revealed. Though as much I’d like it go down a darker route, I think the manga is far too lighthearted and wacky for it to ever happen. With that said, I’m still looking forward to this arc given its potential and because it’s diving right into the witch plot line.

Nanatsu no Taizai – Ch. 13-14

Tommy: It took me a while to get started with this but now that I have I’m having a blast with it. I didn’t know what to expect from just seeing the very first color pages but I figured it might catch my interest. Fast forward 14 chapters later and it is one of my favorite manga that I’m currently reading. It has some of the craziest and interesting characters around too ranging from a talking pig “knight” to a giant woman in love with the main character. This chapter brings the story up to the point where Meliodas (the main character), Diane (the giant woman), and Elizabeth (the beautiful princess) are on the journey to rescue a fellow “Seven Deadly Sin” Knight, Ban. Speaking of Ban, that guy is clearly not normal and I have no idea what to expect from him even when it comes to joining back up with his comrades. Not only that but it doesn’t seem like he can die. He also seems to really be obsessed with Meliodas’ broken sword based on a flashback that was shown a few chapters ago. It will be interesting to see what happens once he reunites with his fellow knights, that’s for sure.