Kamen Rider Wizard ep. 20


I never thought of this until now, but each arc has been one Gate at a time. I think it goes without saying that to spice some things up, there should be two or more Gates to protect for a single story arc. With Nitou, he and Haruto can cover more ground. It wouldn’t be original, but it’s something Wizard hasn’t done yet. The Phantom this Week had probably the harshest trick up his sleeve used on the Gate. Isolating one from friends and family and feeling like you’re utter trash to them? It’s beyond your average bullying. This is probably one of the more smarter Phantoms we’ve had, being able to orchestrate such a thing. Heh, orchestrate. Ahem.

The new Dress Up and Excite Rings are incredibly silly, but I guess they wanted to show off something for this episode. What is it with Toei and giving their magic-using superheroes the ability to become muscular? Also, I hate to think where else “EXCITE” might affect, judging by the results and that name alone…

The most interesting angle this episode was Phoenix’s origin. We know next to nothing about any of the higher Phantoms, but now that Rinko is uncovering a bit about Phoenix, I think it’ll lead to some interesting turn of events down the line.

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