Three weeks without Shounen Jump are three long weeks.

Naruto – Ch. 616

Tommy: Dude, what? When did Kyuubi become Oprah? Now I may be wrong but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen chakra being shared. I don’t ever remember it being mentioned that it was something that could be passed along so easily. Though apparently Kyuubi and Naruto don’t even have to break a sweat to do it. It’s mindboggling. Also for some reason Sasuke and his band of goons were shown. It would have been a pretty ‘meh’ chapter had it not shown Hinata being awesome for a few pages.

Bleach – Ch. 523

Tommy: The best chapter from this week’s Jump. The zanpakuto stuff is interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens but the main event here is clearly Unohana vs. Kenpachi. I was astounded by Unohana’s surprising change to her original self. I’m not sure if this was known to other captains but it is probably why Aizen and Gin didn’t bother to fight her all the way back in the Soul Society/Rescue Rukia arc. Quite honestly the woman known as Unohana Yachiru is pretty damn terrifying and is clearly a straight up murderer. I’m pretty damn excited to see the results of this duel but I can’t imagine either of them dying especially Unohana.

Sean: Sorry, but Toriko had the best chapter this week from Jump.

One Piece – Ch. 695

Sean: Oh wow, Usop and Nami doing shit. To an already weakened Baby 5, Buffalo, and Caesar Clown. That was kinda cool. I just wish it didn’t take so fucking long because the two of them ate a lot of panel time. Franky had a really cool double spread with that cannon attack and I loved the humor that followed up later with everybody’s reaction to his robot form. Females just can’t appreciate the amazement of a robot. Favorite part was definitely the “They’re enemies” scene. Oda NAILED that panel so well and it was great. Also, I’m calling that the silhouette dude is a new character.

Toriko – Ch. 218

Sean: Holy shit, this fucking chapter. This fucking chapter. So intense. I got a good shiver just from seeing Toriko’s pissed off face at the end of the chapter. Fucking GT Robots and monsters raining in from all over the place, and then Giraffebirds spouting out carnivore heads and shooting ENERGY BALLS all over the place. And all the other awesome chefs are just like “Oh, the Bishokukai are finally here?” while that one fodder chef is screaming out “OMFG THE BISHOKUKAI I’M GONNA SHIT MYSELF.” So much shit is going down and it’s fucking awesome.

Beelzebub – Ch. 188

Sean: The start of a new arc is here! And with it we have three new powerhouses entering the fray at Ishiyama High. It’s great that we’re getting right into the action as it’s been a while since we’ve had anything really action-packed in Beelzebub. These new kids look like they definitely pack a bunch and I’m interested to see if they’re just naturally insanely strong or if they have any otherworldly connections. Also, embrace for the entire school being destroyed again at the end of this arc.

Medaka Box – Ch. 178

Sean: This chapter was a joke. I don’t are anymore about this arc. A one hit battle makes sense given how haxed and terribly written Iihiko’s character is, but it’s a rather lame and anti-climatic way to start a final battle. It seems “Medaka” failed, but there’s probably much more to her “defeat” than meets the eye. I would try to predict something, but the powers in this series make no fucking sense so I can’t. Also, who is the author even trying to fool with this “Medaka is dead” bullshit? That’s almost the same thing as saying “Zenkichi is dead,” which is just an empty phrase.

Assassination Classroom – Ch. 26

Tommy: This game is hilarious. Irina and her master have to “kill” Karasuma in one day to determine if she gets to stay as a teacher. I didn’t expect Irina to succeed at all in this chapter but I was curious how her master would go about things and as expected he is good. However, Karasuma surprised me at how swift he was to deflect Lovro’s assassination attempt. I knew he was from a specific area of the Japanese government but didn’t know it was anything close to an elite squad. One thing is for certain though and that is Korosensei is surely regretting making that “standing still for 1 second” deal with Karasuma if he survives getting assassinated.

  • Conner

    >Silhouette new character
    >Character just chilling on the open ocean

    C’mon, it’s definitely Aokiji.

    • Sean

      But I feel like Aokiji would remember the way to Punk Hazard after having a death match with Akainu there.